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Charging station construction solution

Planning and designing charging stations,
providing an overall plan for station operation and maintenance strategies

Background requirements

Operational requirements

Planning and designing charging stations, providing an overall plan for station operation and maintenance strategies

Security requirements

High-standard design and construction to avoid the risk of casualties, property losses, etc.; electric power, fire fighting and other facilities are fully equipped.

Vehicle and charging station Unified procurement requirement

Overall allocation of vehicle and charging station costs, unified procurement, reducing capital approval procedures

Consultation and support requirements

Provide customer consulting services including station construction procedures&processes consulting and technology supporting consulting.

Solution content

According to customers' bus purchase information and station construction requirements, provide customers with services such as station construction, technical guidance and support, integrated vehicle/charging station delivery and charging operation solutions, to achieve lower station construction costs, more efficient equipment utilization, and more reliable operations for customers Create greater value.

Mode One

'Hand over key' project allows cunstomers to experience one-stop services which includes including vehicle procurement+charging station construction&operation.

Mode Two

Our charging station construction projects have been applied in more than 10 provinces&districts,including Beijing,Shanghai and Guangdong.Over 100 customers have been benefited from our station construction conculting services.

Value advantage

Excellent product performance

Strong product adaptability, wide product coverage, various product voltage platform

Widely applied

It has undertaken charging station construction projects in more than 10 provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, and Henan, and has provided station construction services to more than 100 customers across the country.

Premium technical services

A professional technical team provides customers with professional site support, and a professional technical research and development team provides customers with advanced charging products and services.

Excellent one-stop service

Provide customers with a package solution of "vehicle procurement + charging operation"; provide customers with the optimal vehicle pile ratio and charging operation plan.

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