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Establish an exclusive after-sales team and stay in Yan'an for a long time to ensure the timeliness of after-sales service. Our aim is to ensure the daily operation of Yan'an Bus with a complete after-sales service system. And arrange maintenance training engineers to Yan'an public transport after-sales service station for system training to ensure that maintenance personnel master the maintenance technology of pure electric vehicles.

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Background requirements

How to maintain and repair new energy vehicles”Electric kit”

With the increase in the number of new energy vehicles, more and more customers have begun to pay attention to how to maintain the "Electric kit" parts of new energy vehicles and in-depth maintenance to improve operational efficiency and vehicle safety.

Maintenance and repair of vehicles in other institutions

Vehicles are repaired and maintained in other social organizations, and there are different repair and maintenance standards, the quality of parts is uneven, and the operating efficiency cannot be guaranteed.

vehicle maintenance by customer

Customers do vehicle repairs and maintenance on their own. The investment in personnel and equipment is high, management costs are high, and service costs cannot be budgeted, resulting in lower input and output.

Solution content

The after-sales service product solution of Alfabus is based on the daily service needs of customers' vehicles. Through the exploration and research on the maintenance of the entire life cycle of the vehicles, it focuses on the customer's vehicle operation and service pain points (many energy input, service costs cannot be budgeted, vehicle operation efficiency is low, etc. ), combined with the advantages of Alfabus's internal resources, develop products and solutions that can reduce customer operation/maintenance costs and improve customer vehicle safety.

Service plan

1、Warranty period, scope, warranty conditions

Warranty period, warranty scope

The vehicle warranty period meets all the requirements in the bidding documents, the vehicle warranty is more than 2 years, and the wearing parts are free for more than 18 months;

8 years warranty for drive motors and systems, power batteries and systems, and vehicle controllers;

The complete vehicle and related parts provided by our company, and the parts specified by the user shall be separately signed a warranty agreement and period;

Warranty conditions

The new bus drives about 3000 kilometers, our company provides the first full free running and maintenance (including materials and labor costs);

After the first warranty, the user shall perform maintenance according to our company’s "Vehicle Operation Manual and Maintenance Manual" for a certain mileage interval.

The vehicle and parts failure caused by the failure of normal maintenance will no longer be warranted or warranted as appropriate;

2、Speed of problem solving

Minor faults will arrive and be handled within 2 hours;

Respond to major issues within 30 minutes; Relevant system engineers and electromechanical service engineers rushed to the scene within 1.5 hours and notified users of the solutions within 8 hours;

3、Other commitments on after-sales service;

Send service engineers to perform stationed services;

The high-voltage system provides lifetime free upgrades;

4、The high-voltage system provides lifetime free upgrades;

· In the vehicle manufacturing process, inviting customer representatives to the company to supervise production, and make timely improvements to the opinions and suggestions made during the user supervision process after good communication with customers;

· Proactively contact air conditioning suppliers, front and rear axle suppliers, high-voltage system component suppliers, and other key component suppliers, and can jointly carry out various training activities for users before the delivery of the entire vehicle and the beginning of the delivery of the entire vehicle. Before the delivery of the whole vehicle, organize vehicle drivers from users to the company for training on driving and using electric vehicles;

· After the complete vehicle is delivered to the customer, the training engineer will train the customer's vehicle repair and maintenance personnel on the use, maintenance and maintenance of the complete vehicle;

· At the beginning of the customer's use phase, the company arranged professional system service engineers and electromechanical service engineers to station at both ends of the vehicle operation site for on-site service, reducing the link of service information transmission, avoiding wasted delay in information analysis and information confirmation; realizing on-site Diagnose problems quickly and deal with them quickly on site;

· The customer service supervisor spot checks on-site after-sales service work at least once a week, urges service personnel to timely feedback information, efficiently handle problems, and establish a limited communication mechanism with the user's maintenance department and team related personnel to continuously improve service quality and service level;

5、After-sales service documents provided to the customer at the time of delivery

· Vehicle operating instructions and maintenance manuals.

· Chassis layout diagram.

· Power electrical equipment layout and electrical schematic diagram, circuit layout diagram.

· Low voltage lighting and control circuit schematic diagram and wiring harness diagram.

· Layout drawing of gas piping system.

6、Other preferential conditions

· Vehicle operating instructions and maintenance manuals.

· Chassis layout diagram.

· Power electrical equipment layout and electrical schematic diagram, circuit layout diagram.

· Low voltage lighting and control circuit schematic diagram and wiring harness diagram.

· Layout drawing of gas piping system.

No Service implementation capability Description of Bidder’s Response
1 Service organization location Jiangyin City Jiangsu Alfabus Co., Ltd.; Special service station;
2 Service response time 7X24 hours (no rest on holidays)
3 Electric vehicle service method Jiangsu Alfabus Co., Ltd. sends service specialists and technical service representatives to the user's office to provide on-site direct service.
4 Spare parts supply Reserve 10% of the key components of batch vehicles at the user's place%的关键零部件

The service hotline of Jiangsu Alfabus Co., Ltd.: 0510-86262305. 7*24 hours, there are dedicated personnel to answer, record, and feedback user complaints and user information.

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