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Background requirements

Senior management

Improve management efficiency through the operation scheduling system, which not only meets the safety requirements of industry regulatory authorities, but also provides visual management methods for enterprise management.

Operation management

From traditional manual inspections and manual records to automatic monitoring and statistical analysis, improve the timeliness of data collection and reduce the work intensity of supervisors; realize the refined, digital and intelligent management of bus, personnel and route operations, and improve bus operation efficiency and services Quality; to improve data accuracy, through CAN data access, it can solve the problems of traditional GPS speed delay, driving mileage and operating mileage error.


Establish a communication channel with the dispatch center in time, report abnormal information on routes and vehicles, and obtain dispatch and dispatch instructions.

Solution content

The bus intelligent operation dispatching system is based on the vehicle-mounted intelligent dispatching and monitoring integrated machine as the main body. By connecting to the on-board equipment such as video monitoring, automatic station alarm, LED street signs, etc., it realizes the management functions of vehicle status monitoring, video monitoring, scheduling and scheduling, implementation and scheduling. , Greatly improve the efficiency of bus operation and management, and create higher profits for bus companies.

Through advanced GPS/Beidou positioning technology, 3G/4G wireless communication technology, GIS geographic information system technology, combined with the operating characteristics of public transportation vehicles, planning and dispatching of routes and vehicles, intelligent scheduling and improved utilization of public transportation vehicles.

Realize the monitoring and management of the inside and outside of the bus through the video monitoring system.

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