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Please follow our WeChat account (Rifa Recruitment), the social networking site LinkedIn, the traditional recruitment site 51job, Zhilian, Liepin, JOBSDB, etc.

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We expect excellent talents to join, and are willing to provide excellent talents with continuously optimized compensation and benefits, and provide high-performing employees with competitive compensation.

Salary and performance

- Annual basic salary
Quarterly and annual performance salary (determined according to the performance results after quarterly or annual appraisal)
Performance Sharing Award (EVA) and other innovation rewards

Your salary is mainly determined by the following factors, including: company performance, department performance, personal performance, and external market salary status. At the same time, the company’s various industrial projects will provide project-specific rewards, options, etc. to attract, retain and motivate the development of the project Outstanding contribution managers and key staff.

Insurance, employee care and other benefits

Social insurance, provident fund, meal subsidy, fuel subsidy, free annual physical examination, vacation policy (annual leave, maternity leave, paternity leave), holiday gifts, employee care (birthday party, funeral condolences, maternity condolences, major illnesses Mutual assistance, etc.) and other personalized benefits.

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